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Dream Wedding

Opt for an enchanting wedding nestled in the enchanting surroundings of Liptov, embraced by the Low Tatras. Count on an experience that will leave an indelible mark.

We understand the significance of ensuring your day is flawless and cherished, not only for you, the bride and groom, but also for your beloved family and esteemed guests. Rest assured; we are here to support you every step of the way.❤

Breathtaking venue

The expansive hall, accommodating up to 130 guests, is the perfect addition to your wedding reception. Not only is it brand new, but its design will captivate you. The soaring ceiling adorned with wooden pillars and delicate string lights sets the stage for romantic declarations of love. Spanning 300 square meters, it offers ample space for a comfortable and entertaining celebration. The glass facade bathes the space in a warm and inviting light.

Included in the rental are: exterior lighting, ceiling decorations, entrance embellishments for the welcoming ceremony, festive drapery, decorative chains, ceremony essentials, boards featuring the wedding menu and seating arrangement, a full complement of tables and chairs, table markers, personalized wedding menus, and name tags.


Festive Dinner

Led by our esteemed chef, Ľubomír Macík, the wedding reception promises to be a resounding success. Following a thorough consultation and mutual agreement, Chef Macík will craft a culinary masterpiece in accordance with your desires. Whether you prefer to customize the menu to your specific tastes or opt for the convenience of our curated three-course wedding selection, the choice is entirely yours.

Entertainment and Traditions

Following a heartwarming ceremony and delectable cuisine, the only thing left is to infuse the celebration with genuine entertainment. Whether you prefer exceptional live music or a trusted DJ, we are here to assist in crafting an unforgettable wedding day experience. For those enticed by a return to their cultural roots, a lively folk music performance awaits. Rest assured, we will tailor every detail to your preferences, ensuring the presence of seasoned professionals to enhance the festivities.

If you are interested in a wedding, conference or other celebration
or job opportunity, please contact:

Ing. Katarína Galková
Tel.: +421 917 777 604

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Congress and events

Count on the representative facilities and professional services of Hotel Demänová**** for a successful conference, company congress, or work party. Your every work or social event will be guaranteed success in our new, spacious hall with refined design.

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A wedding set in the enchanting landscapes of Liptov is bound to create indelible memories for both you and your guests, and we fully understand the significance of that. We recognize the paramount importance of ensuring your special day is flawless and etched in perfection, not just for you, the bride and groom, but also for your cherished wedding attendees. Here at Hotel Demänová, we stand ready to assist you in meticulously planning every aspect of your day, ensuring its seamless execution.

oslavy v humne
  • Oslavy v HUMNE - photo 1

Oslavy v HUMNE

Oslavy sú súčasťou našich životov. Naplánujte si dátum a čas, pozvite hostí a ostatné zverte do našich rúk.

Máme pre Vás ten správny priestor pre dokonalú nezabudnuteľnú oslavu.